Erotic massage, nuru massage in Manhattan, NYC

Here you can get answers to the most delicate questions :

Making an appointment with us is very easy. We are just one phone call away! Just dial the number +1718-577-2505 or shoot us a text and check our availability.

You can easily reach us at +1718-577-2505 phone number or send us a message( text or WhatsApp). We are also available via e-mail.

We are a team of 5 sexy, young and stunning ladies! What a great combo, huh? But each of us has a different personality.  We all are seductive tempting and playful, we  for sure know how to bring out your inner fire. But for more detailed description of each of us click here.

Your convenience is our top priority. So as of now we are gladly offering you three payment methods:


-Credit card (all cards are accepted)

-Venmo transfer

We at VIP-eroticmassage care so much about your privacy. That’s why we chose to be located in a very discreet location  in Midtown Manhattan. Your confidentiality is guaranteed!

The answer to this question is a “NO”. All our services are listed in the Services section. Check it out!

Of corse we do! That’s why we have a taboo option in our services section. Click here to read more about it.

Often we can arrange an appointment for you within minutes  . But would be nice if you gave us a 10-15 minute notice.

Please understand that you might come and there will be no one there or no one available. So please set up an appointment prior to your visit. It’s very easy 😉

After/before the session you can take a shower, we have fresh towels for you , relaxing music, scented candles and of course drinks are available.